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Learn how this designer creates literal safe spaces through art

"It's important to see yourself in the world"

That is the mantra that inspired graphic designer Kprecia to apply her skills to interior design. She created her shop kpinspires to celebrate and inspire black girls. Kprecia makes home decor pieces that centralize black women. The goal is to help fight negative stereotypes, showing young girls the beauty in blackness and creating safe spaces

How would you tell your story

As a graduate navigating my career as a creative, I quickly realized the lack of diversity and representation within the design field. After trying to find doors to walk through I decided to build my own. I began mixing my passions and talents to create home decor I desired to see in the world. My illustrative products celebrate black girls and act as a form of expression. My hope is to fill homes with gifts that create safe spaces and teach black girls self love. I am all about positive energy and feel the home is the best place to recieve it. 

What do you feel it means to be a creative of color in America

To be a creative of color in America feels like a form of activism in a way. It’s standing up against the status quo and showing the world we are here, we are talented, and we deserve to be recognized! 

Some people may ask why just black girls? What is your response to that? 

I speak from my own lens as a black woman who was also once a black girl. I value diversity and Inclusion deeply, but as one person I can only do so much. When I am designing, I am simply telling my own story. Looking ahead, I would love to form collaborations that help showcase the stories and cultures of others as well. No one walks into a women's boutique and asks why just women's clothes? There is a market for that and so also for my line of interior decorations catered to women of color

How have you grown since your foray into entrepreneurship

Speaking from my experience, school didn’t teach me the possibility of becoming a freelance designer/owner. It taught me skills to prepare me to work for someone else. How to put a portfolio together to satisfy an agency, what they look for, how to stand out, etc. Don’t get me wrong, this was still a valued experience (as you will more than likely always be working to satisfy a client), but I wasn't being told or encouraged to start my own business.

I've learned that It is up to you to take the basic skills you're taught and teach yourself others in order to execute on your ideas. I have had to take the time to learn my own style. I've also learned to reach out to others in order to learn about things like contracts, taxes etc.

From your experience what are three of the biggest challenges that people of color experience while trying to enter and succeed in the creative world

Comfort: More often than not, you will be the only person of color in the room. That could have you questioning if you belong and wondering why you're the only one

Approval: Trying to prove to others that you're good enough or just as talented as those who are typically hired 

Access: Finding the right people to connect to in order to position yourself to receive better opportunities 

What are your main motivations?

Knowing that my life is not mine keeps me motivated. I believe I was blessed with talents to help and give back in some way shape or form. When I am ready to give up I remember I have a voice that I need to use. Whether that be making inspirational posts on ig, creating illustrations, celebrating black girls, being encouraging, sharing my story and more. No matter what I do I am always aiming to inspire others. In return I am gifted with more inspiration to keep following my heart. 

Any advice for other creatives?

Go to events and put yourself in uncomfortable positions. DO NOT be afraid to reach out to people and ask questions. Making connections is extremely important and you never know where it may lead you! Tell people what you want or what you're desiring so that they are able to best help you if possible. Never stop, continue growing, and believe in yourself more than anyone else. There is someone who is waiting on you, you just need to walk through the door. 

Most of her pillows are offered in three shades of black :). She is working on expanding her home decor line to offer products that contribute to creating safe spaces for black girls

You can connect with Kprecia on Instagram @kinspires

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